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Alex Kontsov - Involta
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  • Исполнитель: Alex Kontsov
  • Дата релиза: 6-04-2024, 13:33
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Oh Father have mercy
Please don′t give up on your sons
We're grieving ′bout all that offensive things
That we've done

Would you go with me if I said
I know the right door
Even if I show you 'nother path
Not what you stand for
Would you go with me if I told you
I know the answers
Things are not what they seem
Just need to face that

Ready or not
I don′t know bout them
Show what u got
Search for your love
Heavens above
But here I′ll keep you warm

Oh give us power and carry our worries
Lead to our true path and our faith is your glory

Will you give me all you have
If it's not all yours
Even if it burns the sins you have
I′ll turn them to good ones
Will you gave me all your doubts
I'll bring you calmness
I′ll make you as I am
You've just gotta face that
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